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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sunday Treats and Chore charts

My Children ages 3 and 4 have Chores every day except Sunday. Sunday is their day off and treat day, because they are too young for an allowance on Sunday they get to pick something from the treat box. They alternate daily between this list:
Clean up toys from everywhere but the room, Vac cum,clean bedroom (they share a room), dust, help put away dishes, clean the glass on the front door,help with trash. They also put away their laundry. Some of these are on a as needed basis. They know that they are not doing their job correctly if they complain or whine (I usually have to gently remind that that God says to do everything without whining or complaining. So teaching character and responsibility Works for me!

PS- If you would like to see our chart or for some links to some others please e-mail me :)

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Jill said...

I made up a chore chart a few weeks ago for my 4 year old. And honestly, it just hasn't worked. We tried putting stickers on it, but it would take so long to peel off the stickers and place them on just so, that she and I both grew tired of it. So then I moved to magnets, thinking that would save time by just sliding it from fridge to chart. But, then they just kept falling off.
So, I just gave up last week. Any thoughts you have? I would love to try again, but I need some encouragement or new ideas. Maybe seeing your chart would help.

Mrs. Brownstone said...

That's so great that you found something that is working for your family!

We just made a new "commission chart" recently for our kids because they ARE old enough to receive allowance.

You can read about it here:

Thanks for sharing your great idea!