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Monday, June 30, 2008

Doing the Coupon thing!

Ok- in my quest to save $$$$. I wanted to try couponing. The results:

AMAZING! At Wal-mart I spent $198.82, after coupons: $141.61!

I wish I had a photo!

Today at Rite Aid: $122.78 , after coupons:$$71.52!

I still have to get the rebates checks in the total of: $9.99!

So Total for experiment with only 1.5 hours of work and a $5.78 investment, what is the bottom line?
Here is the breakdown:

198.82+122.78=321.60 (Total of grocery bills before coupons)


The difference: $108.47

Don't forget:

$5.78(for newspapers) and $9.99 in rebates I am waiting for


I paid: $213.13 - $5.78 + $9.99= Total REALLY PAID= $ 208.92 for 321.60 worth of groceries!!!!!!!

I am so sold!!!!!
I also found 3 new sources for FREE COUPONS , so I don't have to pay more than .80 now!!!


Monday, June 23, 2008

Dun dun da dunda... Tequilla!

I have a family member who will really get a kick out of this! You know who you are, e-mail me when you see this!

:) Dolly