My progress, since weight loss surgery 8/8/07

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Finally a new post! We are off to NC for two days :) My first Thanksgiving since the Weight loss surgery. I have gotten used to NOT eating so hopefully this won't be too hard, I do not want to get sick and be in pain. I am thankful for this new chance in life and no meal s worth the pain of overeating or dumping. I plan to eat by the rules- protein 1st, low fat veggies next and ONLY sugar free stuff- Grazing may be tempting, but I will refrain. For all of you non- digestion altered folks (NDAF) enjoy Thursday and diet Friday!

In honor of all my Redneck friends and family from NC, TX, GA, VA and OK , please enjoy the following by Sweettea Films: