My progress, since weight loss surgery 8/8/07

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy New Year- The Dolly Project

Ok , I KNOW this sounds just like a thousand other's New Year's resolutions...

But here goes:

  1. Get back on track the holidays are over- so is my eating sugar, snacking etc..ALL vacations must end.I start tomorrow doing the "5 Day Pouch test", in order to re-set my habits. I did well , but it's back to business now :) I still managed to drop a pound!
  2. WRITE Down and track my exercise. I plan to start jogging when I get to 200 pounds, which will be in '08.
  3. Work hard ad work smart- I have many business goals this year- I want to see 40,000 and 24 homes sold.
  4. Make my family and God a continued priority.
  5. Make some Spiritual and Character changes within myself... Too personal to share, but God is aware :) Hey , I'm a poet and I didn't even know it!
  6. Try to update my blog more often!
  7. Continue to Fulfill my weight loss goals.
  8. Here they are again and I have √'d the ones that I have done already. This is from a post found here
My motivation/goals for WLS

1. To ride a bike
2. To walk without being breathless
3. To sit in chairs with arms without bruising myself
4. To not have to wonder if I will fit or break a chair
5. To fit in amusement park rides
6. To buy my clothes in a “regular size”
7. To run
8. to swing with my kids.

9. To not have to avoid the beach because walking in the sand I sink and become exhausted too fast

10. To feel good about me
11. To be able to go all day without napping
12.To be able to tuck in my shirt
13. So I’m not always self-conscious about my weight, wondering what other people are thinking about how big I am.

14. So I don’t end up with diabetes like my mom, aunt, siblings and both grandmothers.
15. I don’t want to have a heart attack before I’m 40
16. So people don’t perceive me as lazy, because I’m not!
17. Because if a restaurant has booths with a fixed (non-movable)
table, I can’t sit in a booth.
18. So I can buy a bra from the rack in the store and not have to buy them off the Internet or mail order catalogs.
19. So I can know, for once in my life, that I was finally able to take control of my eating and my weight.
20. I want to feel attractive and sexy !
21.I want to be able to cross my legs!
22. So that when my hubby and kids hug me they can wrap their arms all the way around.
23.Because I can’t walk at the same pace as my husband, otherwise I’d break out in a sweat and being breathless.
24.A lot of what I have in my closet was not purchased because I like
it….I got it simply because it fit and I needed clothes . I want to buy clothes because I like them.
25. Because I cannot get life insurance.
26. I want to teach my children healthy habits by example.
27. Not ever looking looking pregnant just fatter.
28. To wear cute shoes
29.To be able to fly without paying extra or getting a seat belt extender or worst of all- squishing my neighbor!
30. To be able to walk through a tight space like: between cars in a parking space or in a theater or between pews and people at church or in a crowded restaurant,
31. So I don’t see the “look” when people meet me.
32. So people don’t “not Look” at me and avoid “hearing” me.
33. So I don’t struggle getting in and out of cars and buckling my seat belt.
34. So I feel like a lady.
35. So when I am around other people they don’t quickly shift to make room- and then have that embarrassing moment when they overcompensate for the space needed.

Monday, December 3, 2007

The dreaded MAN COLD!!