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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Works for me: Replacement parts

When My children (they are 3 and 4) started to out grow the sippy cups, I decided, instead of buying brand new "big kid cups", I would order the lids with straws and change the lids

from the regular sippy lids. I plan this month ( my new budget always starts on the 1st) to order the Coolster tumbler spill proof lids - they look like grown up coffee cups! What savings! I am still using the original 9oz insulated cups they started with! When I do decide to pass these along, the next person will have lids to take them from beginning to end! My favorite is the Playtex brand because the lids are always interchangeable! Buy the way, these cups were from a yard sale and I only paid 50¢ each because they did not have lids! So when my babies were ready to start using a cup, I called the Playtex company and asked could I order some lids. Customer Service sent 3 free Baby sipster lids. These are the the ones with a soft spout and handles. I ordered the lids I needed from then on. I also have done this with used baby bottles, parts for a toddler bed, a bottle warmer and other items. You can find replacement parts and even manuals for almost most anything for babies and some household items. I suggest that you always contact customer service even it is available on the web site sometimes they will send the parts or manuals for free.

Here is the web page for playtex:

for Gerber (24 hrs) Call for parts:
1-800-4 Gerber

Munchkin :
or call 1-800-344-2229

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