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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Frugal Friday: New uses for Free containers!

I love to re-use free containers in fact I did a whole post about peanut butter jars! Here are a few of my reusable container ideas:

  • Deli lunch meat in "zip lock" containers- self explanatory
  • Crystal light (generic of course) - used for small craft items, Coffee pods, filled with water and make large ice blocks for drinks, paint cups for kids
  • Frosting tubs, GV Marshmallow cream, yogurt, Sour cream- same as above and also- cut small cross slits in the lid for a lidded cup the kids can take anywhere without your fearing they are lost just add a straw! Also wonderful for homemade yogurt
  • Large Pickle jars and the large animal cracker jars sold at Wal-mart become storage for rice, flour etc.
  • Large Butter tubs- to fill with soup to freeze. I can label the top with a sharpie and just throw it out or give it away to a sick friend. Sometimes I even mark through and rewrite again! I also keep two or three around to send leftovers home with people so they don't have to be worried about returning the container.
  • I use glass jars for 1 thing only- grease disposal! I usually keep one in the fridge. with bad -trash grease from chicken, meat or burgers. I store it in the fridge until it is full then seal and throw away. I use glass because you can add warm grease and I keep it refrigerated because I don't want to grow anything in it.
  • I use cereal, wax bags as freezer wrappers when I make and freeze hamburger patties.
  • I also used (when I had babies) baby food jars to organize small screws and nails in the garage. nail or screw the lid to the bottom of a shelf and then fill jar and screw to the lids. You can modify this by using any jar you want to.
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Debbie J. said...

Great Ideas! I cut a slit in the top of a yogurt lid and placed it on the dryer to use like a piggy bank for change found in pants pockets. The laundry room is at the back door, so sometimes when I need some change that day, I empty my fancy piggy bank! It has meant the difference between stopping at McDonalds to get a large sweet tea or doing without!

Amy said...

I love the large ice block idea. Thanks!

Amy said...

These are really great tips. I am always looking for new uses for containers!

Corey~living and loving said...

Great ideas! :) Thanks for sharing. I also so on another blog last night a good use for ketchup bottles and such like that. clean them out...and let your kids use them as water squirters outside. Much better than squirt guns, since they are free and don't promote pointing guns at people. :)