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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

WFMW: Bento Lunches- quick and easy prep!

is the Japanese tradition of packing lunches to go into small portions in a Reusable container- This can be any small plastic container with or without dividers. The Japanese have made this into a art form by using egg molds, hot dog cutters,rice molds , decorative dividers and creativity. Now I have not gotten too fancy but I have always packed lunches, yes it is easier to eat on the run at McDonalds drive through but I have found that if I keep a few basics on hand it is not a problem it takes little time and effort, we save money and make better choices. So if I am going out I always pack food and drinks. If we don't need it then I just bring it home for later!

My staples:
cheese sticks, baby carrots, pre-cooked grilled chicken strips, small pretzels, animal crackers, grapes,dried fruits, small refillable "sauce cups" or condiment packs from the occasional drive through trip, already cut celery and other fresh veggies (fill a small container at the grocery store salad bar). Refillable water bootles, ice packs, juice pouches or boxes and a small lunch box cooler. Be sure to look at the "ethnic food aisle for cool candies and cookies!

Be creative- use leftovers that are not messy.

Now if you want to be traditional or just plain cute then by all means buy a bento and the tools. However if you are like me and have a hubby who would rather chew off an arm than to eat out of a Hello Kitty box then pick up one of the Rubbermaid divided plates.

If you are inclined to be cute- you do not have to spend much! You can use cookie cutters as "stamps" or to cut foods, paper muffin liners as dividers, Reuse small containers for sauces. I have even seen where people reused the mini bubble bottles from weddings for sauces 9by cutting off the wand)! Me I just use small tupperware containers, I reuse medicine cups from liquid meds. and yard sale tupperware!

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Tonsofsons said...

Thanks for the ideas ~ Perfect for my hubbie's lunch.

penguinsandladybugs said...

I have recently developed an interest in Bento boxes...thanks for your info and the links!!