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Monday, June 4, 2007

Powdered milk, mixing dry ingredients and homemade bisquick

All three of these tips go together so I am posting them all at once :)
1.One of my favorite tips is to keep one small peanut butter jar with about a cup of powdered milk (already mixed with the water) in the fridge. I use this whenever I make ANY RECIPE that needs milk. We cannot seem to get used to using it in our cereal or for drinking. . This saves bunches of money and I always have a small amount handy :) We love Pancakes and make them usually at least once a week, so I always use it in my favorite pancake recipe . I only mix about a cupful at a time because I rarely need more than that in any recipe. If it is not pre-mixed in the fridge I tend to forget to use it.
2. I LOVE my kitchenaid stand mixer! When making homemade Bisquick you have to mix the flour and shortening until it becomes similar to cornmeal. I use my mixer with the wire whisk and set it on the lowest setting . It works perfectly and my hands don't end up messy! I can let it run while I do other things in the kitchen so it saves time too! I bet you could do it with a hand mixer just as well.
3. I also use my mixer with the whisk attachment with any recipe that calls for you to mix dry ingredients separately and then add them to the wet ingredients. I would just pour the dry mix into another bowl, mix the wet stuff and then add the dry stuff back in.

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Ron and Ginny said...

Good tips, thanks! I love my KitchenAide, too. I like to use all my servant girls (appliances and tools) to the maximum, if possible.

Mrs. Brigham said...

Aren't Kitchen Aid mixers the best! I call mine my "loyal servant". LOL. Thanks for sharing your great tips :o)

Mrs. Pear said...

I use my kitchenaid the exact same way! And love it! I don't know how I would manage my daughter's peanut allergy without it!

Alexandra said...

Sounds a lot easier than making the mix by hand like I do. I think I'll put that kitchenaid on my wishlist!

Thanks for the tip for powdered milk. Great idea! I really hate having to mix it when I'm already trying to get other things done. Good time saver.