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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Where are the LADIES in Hollywood? A Rant!

Ok- this has to be said: You would have to be dumb, deaf and blind to not notice that the "ladies" (refering ONLY to gender) of Hollywood don't wear undergarments any more.
It seems that talent no longer matters then what does matter? Just slip a nipple or shot of your bottom to the Paparattzi and you become richer, more famous and in demand. What scares me the most is that these "ladies" are influencing a whole generation of young women and boys on fashion and what is socially acceptable, ironic since they rarely wear clothes! These women are celebrated for things that should land them in jail! Sure they can sing, act and look pretty- but money and fame do not buy class! Women like Ashley and Jessica Simpson (who's dad Joe WAS a youth pastor!!!) , Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton, Mariah Carrey, Britney Spears- It seems that the message is drink, do drugs and flash your crotch for fame! It makes me angry to say the least! They do not even have enough class to apolagize and cover up! Now, I don't expect young ladies to walk around in a Burka and not in Victorian clothes either, but for cryin out loud visit Victoria people, ask her what the secret is- she'll tell you! yall have the money!