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Thursday, May 17, 2007

My Frugal tip this week may not be original , but it sure savesmoney ! When wash cloths start getting to thin they "recycle" to become our everyday napkins- I even keep them on the table in a pretty basket:nap1

W I assign a clean one every morning at breakfast to each kid and if needed they can be wet to clean messy faces. I just rinse them out and hang them on the stove handle for easy reach. The children will clean their hands, faced and personal eating spaces after each meal. If they are too dirty, they can get a new one. When they are finished for the day , dry ones are tossed in the laundry and wet ones are hung on the stove to dry all night and then put in the laundry the next morning.

dscn1341.jpg When the "everyday" napkins start to look to rough from too many spaghetti dinners they get "recycled" again into the rag bin for cleaning and "daddy's garage". Saves money! and a few trees! Please visit Biblical women for more frugal ideas!

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